Our oysters are grown in the clean waters of the York River, a tributary of the lower Chesapeake Bay, near the mouth where salinity is around 20 to 22 parts per thousand or 2 to 2.2% salt.  are moderately salty with a sweet finishing taste, and are superb served naked on the half shell, on a cracker, in a stew, steamed, or fried.

Our Process

We purchase seed from commercial hatcheries in Virginia when the young oysters are the size of a grain of sand and carefully nurture them to market size in a series of inert polyethylene plastic growing bags and vinyl coated wire cages. This type of farming, or intensive aquaculture, is environmentally friendly, with no need for chemicals, paints or any substances that will pollute the Chesapeake Bay. We use 4 stroke outboard motors on our work boats that use less fuel and create no pollution in the water.

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Oyster Grades

Three grades (size) of oysters are sold.

  • Petites (2 3/4" to 3") - Best for stews or on the half shell.
  • Pearls (3" to 3 3/4") - Excellent on the half shell or steamed.
  • Reefs (larger than 3 3/4") - Great to shuck for frying.


We are certified by the Virginia Department of Shellfish Sanitation (Shell Stock Shipper No. VA 1033 SS) and our HACCP Plan is approved, current, and up to date.


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